Why we work with both buyers AND sellers (and always will!)

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Some teams structure themselves such that their clients work with one realtor® as their buyer’s agent and a different realtor® as their listing agent. We do NOT, and here’s why:


Without have recent experience in the other agent’s shoes, it’s very difficult to understand their perspective when negotiating or problem solving as hiccups may arrive at various milestones from contract to closing. If you follow us on social media, you’ve heard us step on the soap box to preach bedside manner, and working with both buyers and sellers is a great way to learn this!


Haven’t worked recently with a buyer? You don’t know the latest trends in lending. Haven’t worked recently with a seller? You don’t know the latest occupancy requirements. An added bonus? You can steal tips and tricks from other transactions! How do you think we got creative and started getting offers accepted for buyers this year in 2021’s competitive market? On the listing side, we had the opportunity to see what competing buyers were modifying in their contract terms to win the deal and stand out. We put those tips in our pocket for the next time! 

Customer Service!

Last but most certainly not least, we are able to serve our clients holistically! Nobody wants to be bounced around between multiple contacts when trying to prepare their listing or coordinate with their lender. There are enough stakeholders to communicate with already in the buying or selling process (think title companies, moving companies, or utility companies, to name a few). Don’t let your chosen real estate team structure add to the chaos! Besides, we’ll be your most frequent caller and BFF for at least 30 days. Forming that close relationship is all part of the fun! 

Have you had an experience working with a real estate team? Comment below, and share how it went!

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