Selling St. Louis ft. Angels’ Arms

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ADTV shoot #2.. CHECK!

We wrapped up shooting for our second segment of Selling St. Louis earlier this month, and we’re so excited for you to check it out in September! Stay tuned for more details on the anticipated air date!

In the meantime, here’s a little bit about our day, and what you can expect to see in our upcoming segment.

We started the day off bright and early at Olde Town Donuts (YUM!) where we filmed our intro scene, and of course picked up some donuts for the team! Though it was raining, we showed up prepared for this shoot with a brief outline of what we wanted to say, and a plan for executing!

After our stop at Olde Town Donuts, we got to visit one of our favorite local organizations, Angels’ Arms. We had the opportunity to drop off some donations with the entire KBCO team at their awesome warehouse space, Marion’s Angel Depot. From there, we interviewed Angels’ Arms’ Development and Marketing Manager, Maria Rehkemper, too! We are so excited to be highlighting the amazing work they do for foster families across St. Louis, and can’t wait to share some of their upcoming events with you.

Thank you all for following along this journey with us! We’re just a few months into this journey, but we’re already getting more comfortable behind the camera, and we’re having a blast with these shoots! It’s been such a fun way to connect with our community, and we’re just getting started.

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