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Most of us have attended an Open House before. It’s fun to be the nosey neighbor or casual looker on a warm Sunday afternoon! As the homeowner, however, some work goes into preparing for a successful event! Here’s what you can do as a seller to make the most of your Open House:

  • Invite your neighbors!
    Let them know your trusted KBCO agent will be hosting an Open House. Even if they’re not in the market to buy, it’s a great way for them to get home inspiration and to create a buzz of traffic among serious potential buyers!
  • Remove any pets from the home
    While we are pet lovers, not every buyer is. Removing your dog or cat will rid distractions and allow potential buyers walking through to envision their own family in the home.
  • Consider having your home professionally staged.
    We recommend INhance IT Home Staging!
  • Turn on every light and open every blind.
    Yes, every single one! Natural light is a great way to flatter your home!
  • Turn down the thermostat.
    This keeps the air circulating as buyers tour your home.
  • Hide your valuables!
    The jewelry, electronics, cash… anything that may be easy and tempting to grab!
  • Be careful with smells.
    Take the day off from cooking, and eat at your favorite restaurant instead.
  • Play some tunes!
    We prefer something timeless, like jazz music!
If you’re interested in more tips throughout the selling process – like how to get your home showing-ready in just 1 hour – download our free Seller Guide!


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