Don’t forget to change your address!

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And we’re not just talking forwarding with USPS!

Yes, you should forward your mail with the USPS when you move, but that’s just the starting point!

We have heard some funny (and some not-so-funny) stories after closing about mail showing up at the wrong place.

Here are 10 other places besides USPS that you’ll want to be sure to change your address:

  1. Amazon – Need we say more? The Amazon delivery person probably knows us by name now, though, so maybe he or she would catch on!
  2. Home Chef – …or your version of meal delivery. Yes, we’ve had clients receive a week’s worth of free meals thanks to sellers forgetting to change their delivery address. Just consider it a housewarming gift!
  3. Chewy – We’ve also had clients’ dogs miss out on their favorite subscription! Sorry, pups.
  4. Medical-related subscriptions – While not-so-funny, we recently had a buyer receive a box with dry ice that looked important. Luckily, the sellers had just moved a block or two away and came right over. We later found out that the box with dry ice had a significant amount of costly medication in there. Yikes!
  5. IRS –  Complete this simple online form where you can notify the IRS of your new address and be sure to not miss any important tax-related docs!
  6. Voter registration – Before election time, you’ll want to ensure this is updated so you can go to the appropriate polling location!
  7. Homeowners (and renters) insurance – Your policy is only helpful if it’s active for your current home! And sellers, there’s no sense in paying for a policy on a home you don’t own!
  8. Your employer – Some employers send important documents are via snail mail at the end of the year, and some employers even require a notice of address change.
  9. Any other subscriptions or e-shops you frequent! Think… vitamins, groceries, haircare products, Stitch Fix, and more!
  10. Friends & Family – Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to notify your friends & family!
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